Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Second White Dress

Baptisms are always very special. Riley was baptized last month. This day was made extra special by sharing it with her cousin, Tylee.

Riley and Tylee have had a kind of special bond from the beginning. When Tylee deccided to show up three weeks early, she was born exactly one month after Riley. Then, my brother and his family moved down south and decided to bring Tylee back this way to have her blessed. Riley and Tylee were both blessed in our ward on the same day. They even ended up in matching dresses (not planned-her mom and I just happen to have picked out the same one).

So, this year when they both turned eight and my brother once again was far away, they brought Tylee up here to have her baptized. We were so excited to share this special day as both girls put on their second white dress and prepared to enter the waters of baptism.

We are so thankful we could share that day with many family and friends that came to witness Riley's baptism. And as the the poem by Elder Perry's daughter says,
"And if I try my very best,
Then richly blessed I'll be,
Wearing inside God's holy house
White dress number three."
But that's a long way off right? Just don't blink.