Friday, August 28, 2009

Where Has Summer Gone?

Really. Where did it go? I know we had nearly 3 months with no school, but what happened to it?

I'll admit: By the time August rolled around, I was so ready for school to start again. My kids were feeling ready too. But then, all of a sudden (so it seemed), school started. Jacob and Riley went off to school Monday. Jacob is spending his sixth grade year at a different school this year in an accelerated learning program. Riley is happy to be back with her friends and some cousins this year.

So that I can remember that there was a summer, I'll post some pics of some things we did this year.

We played at the splash pad a few times. Always fun on a hot day. Although, my kids usually ended up playing on the hot toys. Go figure.

We played soccer and baseball with some families in our neighborhood.

We hit the zoo a few times. They've gotten some new animals as you can see from above.

Made it to the Lagoon a couple times. I don't love it, but the kids do and that makes it fun.

We went to the Oquirrh Mountains Temple open house. We were so blessed as a family to attend the open house together. Especially since we had already been to the Draper Temple earlier this same year.

We went to the Treehouse Museum with a free pass from a friend. Thanks! The kids had a lot of fun.

And, finally, the biggest project of all...we got grass! Who knew that could be so exciting? We love it. The kids can play in our yard. We even got our swing set put up. It took a lot of hard work (Nathan had lots of blisters) and we are so grateful to many people who helped out (including a local University football team that helped lay the sod).

So, that is where our summer has gone.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nathan

So, Nathan has finally caught up to me. Today he is 33. Although, he will tell you that I am still older. Yes, technically, I am 1,193 months and he is a mere 1,188 months. Just a few of the things I love about Nathan:
He works hard.
He takes care of his family.
He tries so very hard to make me happy (not a simple task at times).
He enjoys spending time with our children and he's a good example to them (and me).
He supports me in my various roles...mother, callings, volunteering, and friendships.

I love you, Nathan! Happy birthday.