Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Call Me Spider-Man

Zach and I were making an "All About Me" page (with some help from friends) for his preschool class. We are not particular about calling him Zach or Zachary, so I asked him which name he wanted me to put on his page.
"Do you want to put Zach or Zachary?"
"Um, Spider-man."
"No, you have to have Zach or Zachary."
"Zachary or Zach?"
"Ok, Zachary it is."
"Mom, can you call me Spider-Man?"
At least he enjoys playing and pretending.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Beginning Reader

With about four weeks of Kindergarten down, Brandon brought home his first homework book. It consists of different things they are talking about...letters and the sounds they make, numbers, writing his name, and some sight words. The Kindergarten teachers have taken what is, in my opinion, a really great approach. "Don't push your child if they are not ready, please work at their pace." So, I asked Brandon if he wanted to work on it and he did.
We started going through the book and he was doing so well. Telling me the names and sounds of the letters, reading sight words, rhyming. I was excited and so was he.
When Brandon was younger, he didn't all. He made some noises, but didn't have any words. So, we put him in speech therapy. He did well, but I was always a little concerned that he would have a difficult time in school. He is doing well.
He doesn't like school, but that is because it is all day and he said, "It takes too long." However, he enjoys learning and is so excited to show me what he has accomplished. In fact, he just came up to me as I'm typing and is picking out the words he knows. Way to go, Brandon!