Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Yes, I am 33. Have been for over a week now. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making my birthday so great. I got to spend time with my mom and sister which was really fun. Then Nate took me to dinner. It was nice to have some time for the two of us. I received some really great gifts and cards and many phone calls.
I think the thing that is most special to me is the necklace my 11-year-old gave me. It is gold and has a "J" on it. When I first opened it, I wanted to take it back, knowing he had spent too much money on me. Then, after the kids were in bed, my husband explained to me how important this was to Jacob. He has been saving his money to buy some rollerblades, but chose to use a good portion of his money to buy me something. He said, "Dad, I really want to give this to Mom. I really want her to know how much I love her." While I don't need any material things from him to know of his love for me, the necklace will be a constant reminder of his love and sacrifice. He'll now have to start saving again for those rollerblades.
I am very blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. So many took time out of their day to make mine more special. Thank you so much. I love you guys.


Mindy said...

What a sweet boy! He has some great examples :D

Rachael said...

What a sweet little boy!