Sunday, January 4, 2009

Greater Appreciation

There are many people in my life whom I appreciate. I am grateful to them for the things they do and who they are. However, I must say, there are also people I take for granted. Not purposely, but I get caught up in day to day stuff and know certain people will be there to do the things they have always done.
Every once in a while, I am blessed with the opportunity to see just how much someone in my life truly means to me. It is usually when I am put into a similar position that other person has experienced. For example, my Mom. I love her so much-always have. However, I didn't fully appreciate all that she is or all that she does until I was blessed to have my first son, Jacob. When he was born, I started to comprehend all the emotions, effort, and sacrifice that come with being a parent. Notice that I said, "started," because I learn more each day as my family grows. I really love my Mom. More and more everyday.
Another example, I was given the call to serve as Primary president in our current ward. I had done it before in the ward we moved from and I was serving as 2nd counselor in this ward, so I thought, "yeah, I can do that." I always thought Mindy was awesome and I want to be like her when I grow up. However, I don't think I fully understood all the responsibility and hard work that was part of the calling. Maybe I still don't, but I am grateful to her. She still helps me today.
There are many men and women that help me so much and set a great example that I couldn't possibly list them all. I am grateful to them all.


Min said...

You are incredible!! I know there was a greater reason for your move here.. I needed to read this, especially today. I am ALWAYS here for you.. (hugs!)

Six-Pack Momma said...

It's funny how Haevenly Father teaches us things. I just hope my kids feel the same way, someday!